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Welcome to the NYC Open Data TumblrAs part of Mayor Bloomberg’s... →



Welcome to the NYC Open Data Tumblr

As part of Mayor Bloomberg’s commitment to transparency and innovation, over 800 (and counting!) City datasets are now online for anyone in New York or around the world to explore and access via an API, for deeper, real-time integration into apps and websites. 

NYC Open Data brings you:

·   City datasets about everything from school test scores to campaign contributions;

·   Documents such as the green project checklists

·   Maps utilizing .gis data showcasing many different sites of interest ranging from public handball courts to street trees


 ·   Charts and graphs created dynamically from datasets, such as “Percentage of People Residing in a School District who Receive Public Assistance” and “Birth Rate by Mother’s Age”


·       File export options including CSV, JSON, PDF, RDF, RSS, XLS, XLSX, XML in addition to API access and the ability to embed a dataset on blogs or social media platform.


We will be frequently updating this Tumblr with interesting data visualizations and news about hackathons and apps that use NYC Open Data. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

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